Video, Photos: Chavrusah Tumult Kicks Off New Zeman

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chavrusah-tumult-at-bmg[Video and photos below.] A large crowd gathered yesterday and today at Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, to kick off the tri-annual chavrusah tumult which takes place before each zeman – winter, spring, and at the beginning of Chodesh Elul. Chavrusah tumult is geared for the many new bochurim and yungeleit who have joined the yeshiva, as well as current talmidei hayeshiva in need of new chavrusos. With beautiful weather and sunny skies, thousands of talmidim of North America’s largest yeshiva went about finding chavrusos for this coming zeman.

The tumult began yesterday, with special yeshiva-appointed individuals on hand to assist talmidim in arranging chavrusos. Due to early rainfall, the tumult began indoors, in the yeshiva dining room. Once the skies cleared in the afternoon, the talmidim gathered outdoors.

The organization of chaburos, meaning the group with which talmidim will be learning, and hachzokas mekomos – the finalizing of seats – will take place once chavrusah tumult concludes.

The official yeshiva mesechta is Maseches Shabbos. Chaburos in Bais Shalom and Bais Ahron – two of the botei medrash of Beth Medrash Govoha – will cover the gamut of Shas and poskim, offering many options for yungeleit to choose from.

To view a video of yesterday’s chavrusah tumult, click below:

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To view over 150 photos of the chavrusah tumult, see below:

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  1. Great pictures:

    I see Rabbi Nosson Birnbaum
    Rabbi yaakov Geisler
    Rav Nota Furman
    And many other choshuve young talmidei chachomim.

    Keep holding up the world!

    Shteig away

  2. Let us share a thought for the less socially-competent amongst us, who must find this time an absolute nightmare! Its all very well for the ‘knackers’ who know that they will have streams of prospective candidates flocking after them who would find it an honour to be considered as a chavrusso. Imagine what this period must do for their already-oversized ego! But what about the ‘wall-flowers’ who have – bechasdei Hashem – found a suitable partner and have settled down to a successful zman – only to have their world thrown over to find themselves in the garbage-can! They will have been losing sleep for the last few weeks worrying about how many more nissim they can rely on to find a new suitable arrangement for the next zman -(only!)
    Indeed perhaps we should question whether all this hype is called for (or truly acceptable Al Pi Daas Torah?) After all we are just looking for a like-minded ben-Torah with cheshkas Hatora with whom to shteig in learning. We’re not talking about shiduchim for life-partners!

    I think if we have a shidduchim tumult it may solve some problems. I think in the time of the gemara thay had Shidduchim tumult twice a year on Tu Baav and Yom Kippur

  4. Dear Medakdeik, you have no idea how true your words are.
    I was once such a ‘wall flower’ in this system. I’m older now, yet the scars are still evident & linger. May hk”bh have mercy on klal yisroel.

  5. agree with #7. for many (or most) the begining of the zman is usually depression time; hopefully you find a chavrusa that you are semi happy with.

  6. “shiduchim tumult” sound fantastic. Put 100 men and 100 women and they have exactly 2 days to get hooked up and engaged. If they do so, the wedding is paid by a cash fun. End of shidduch crisis. Rinse and repeat until everyone is hitched. Thoughts?

  7. Kol hakavod to Rav Aron Kotler and his staff for running such a wonderful yeshiva. May you go from chayil to choyil


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