Video, Photos: Chicago Rabbinical Council Kashrus Seminar

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rabbi-sholem-fishbane[Video and photos below.] In advance of the upcoming Yomim Tovim, the Chicago Rabbinical Council held a special kashrus seminar this past Monday.

The event began with opening remarks from Rabbi Yechezkel Auerbach. The first session focused on the recent discovery that many bourbons on the market are Jewish-owned. Rabbi Sholem Yehuda Fishbane, kashrus administrator of the cRc, introduced the topic by relating some of the relevant background information and how the kol koreh alerting the public to be careful of many of the well-known bourbons came to light.

Rabbi Dovid Cohen, administrative rabbinic coordinator of the cRc, then reviewed the sugyah of chometz she’avar alav haPesach and how it relates on a practical level to these companies. He also shared recent important halachic discussions on this timely topic, including chiddushim from Rav Shlomo Miller.

Rabbi Yechezkel Auerbach then discussed hiddurim in matzos and how these hiddurim relate to this year’s matzos.

The kashrus seminar took place at Bais Medrash Vayoel Moshe, the bais medrash of Rav Shmuel Leib Eizikovitz, in Lakewood, NJ.

Click below to watch:

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See below for photos:

{ Newscenter/Video by Lakewood 24/6}


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