Video, Photos: Driver Angry at Seminary Girls Swerves Bus into Dike

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Yesterday, a driving operating a bus carrying seminary girls reportedly got agitated by the continuous banter of the girls. In order to get the girls to quiet down, the driver reportedly began serving the bus right and left until he lost control and the bus got stuck in a dike at the side of the road.

The frightened girls made it out of the bus one by one, and boruch Hashem there were no injuries. The girls dismounted the bus through the window adjacent to the bus driver’s seat.

There is no word on what disciplinary measures, if any, will be taken against the driver.

The girls on the bus attend the Feuerstein Seminar in Modiin Illit.

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David Steger – Israel


  1. I don’t care what the girls were doing. The driver is a RASHA MIRUSHA!!! He should be thrown in prison! What an irresponsible person! If he was really that “agitated,” he should have pulled safely to the side of the road and turned off the engine. Didn’t we have enough tragedies with bus drivers in Israel?

  2. So what if the girls were noisy? The driver was reckless and irresponsible. Someone could’ve been seriously injured C”V.

  3. B”H the girls are OK.
    Regardless of whatever punishment the driver gets, he should never again be licensed to operate a bus (or any motor vehicle).

  4. everyone should relax. seriously. the driver just made small hiccups to show them he was annoyed. drivers do it there all the time. its nothing. everyone chill

  5. Were they supposed to be silent on the bus.? If they were going on a trip….thats part of the fun…if he cant handle noise, get another job don’t jeopardize people’s lives!

  6. Based on reports that I received from someone on the trip, the driver’s story, as printed here, is unfortunately a lie, and was probably concocted to save his skin.
    The real story: For whatever reason, the driver stood up, and forgot to engage the brakes, and the vehicle continued rolling, and went into the ditch. Pure negligence.

    • Interesting. I wonder why he’d do such a thing – I’d have much less of a tayna on a driver who made such a mistake than on a driver who deliberately endangered his passengers.

  7. A bus driver’s first and foremost achrayus is the SAFETY OF HIS PASSENGERS!!!! This individual should be imprisoned and never be allowed to drive a public vehicle. This could have resulted in a much worse tragedy but chasdei Hashem for the extra shemira.


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