Video, Photos: Fire Destroys Lakewood Home as Shabbos Begins

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A fire broke out at a home in Lakewood, NJ, on Friday, at the onset of Shabbos, destroying the structure.

The blaze struck the end-unit town-home on Capital Lane in the Prospect Park community of Lakewood off of Prospect Street. A second house was damaged as well from the conflagration.

Two families relocated for Shabbos. Boruch Hashem, no one was hurt.

The fire is said to have started from lit candles that fell over.


fire (1)

fire (2)


  1. Wow. Thank you Matzav for showing us instant pictures of yenim’s tzaros. Who runs your editorial board? Some rich kid from the 5 towns?

  2. Thanks for the coverage.

    It is important to feature such stories to warn people of real dangers out there.

  3. I want to know what the response time was for the fire dept?Does anyone monitor this?
    It takes a long time for a fire started by a candle while people are home to turn into the picture above. There should have been ample time for the dept. to treck over & put it out.

  4. It actually does not take a long time for a fire to spread. Fires spread just as quick weather it started from an oven or a candle. Houses are full of flammable material and fires can spread in minutes. The fire department was there very quickly. Maybe you should join the fire department and help out with the response time of its not quick enough for you.

  5. lkwd tax payer: thats not true. it takes a few minutes for that to happen. Especially with these paper thin homes.

  6. to the anonyoumos who said “rich 5 towns kid” plz come to my house in lawrence for a week to witness the chesed that goes on in the 5 towns.


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