Video, Photos: Hafganos Tonight in Yerushalayim (LNU, חדשות און ליין)

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  1. But playing ball in Yerushalayim is forbidden? This is what happens when the children suffer from boredom and have too much time on their hands.

  2. ‘What’s the real purpose of the protest?” a yerushalmi was asked by an american many years ago.
    His nonchalant response”it’s a long winter [zman]”

  3. This is what they’re demonstrating for ?!?

    Nearby the Municipality is renaming Kikar Zion after someone who was promoting the worst Cardinal Sins

    And this is all they’re demonstrating for ?!?

    We were exiled from Yerushalayim twice due to our collective sins! Deja Vu?!


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