Video, Photos: Israel Police Pulls Protestor By His Peyos at Yaffo Kevorim Protest


hafgana-payos-protest[Video and photos below.] The protests in Yaffo over the digging of kevorim reached a new peak last night as police, in violent fashion, proceeded to arrest protestors. Excessive use of force by police has been documented on video and in photos, but one particular incident, in which police grabbed a protestor by his peyos has thousands irate.

Click below for video:

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Photos below:

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{Yair Israel}


  1. i didn’t see the part in the video where the hareidi’s peyoth were pulled but those secular jewish zionists look pretty brutal.

  2. Surprised? The jackbooted zionist gestapo thugs on horseback have charged into Bnei Torah and Talmidei Chachomim ever since the entity exists.

  3. these “police” are animals. it has nothing to do with whether the protestors are right, or not, police brutality must be condemned

  4. #4/oori — They started to act that way loooong before they were called it. They’ve been acting it since the state exists. And before the state exists as well, during the holocaust the zionists colluded with the Germans to kill out Hungarian Jewry.

  5. #4/oori

    you need help. any civilized person understand that a civilization cannot function if those intended to uphold the law and order, are themselves THUGS.

    I’ve heard that the police were coming out with brass knuckles. these are not violent protesters- they are unarmed.

    it doesnt matter what they call the police, police must show restraint

  6. Hashem Yerachem….all because their parents somewhere deviated from the path….and this is the result….hatred to a fellow brother…morbid hatred!!!!!!!


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