Video, Photos: Lakewood: Car Flips Over, Driver Uninjured

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car-flips-over-in-lakewood[Video and photos below.] A short while ago, a vehicle heading east on New Hampshire Avenue in Lakewood, NJ, flipped over due to icy conditions, landing on its roof. The accident took place just across from the entrance to the John J. Franklin Public Works Complex. The driver, a frum resident of Lakewood, miraculously emerged uninjured.

All Lakewood residents are urged to use caution on the roads.

Click below for a video:

[media id=552 width=400 height=300]

See below for photos:

[slideshow id=133]

{ Newscenter Lakewood News Desk}


  1. Who took the video? Was someone just passing by at the right time who happened to have a video camera or phone with him? by the way, it is 2:39PM and my street hasn’t been plowed yet. Are they waiting for the snow to melt? Yesterday morning my street was plowed before day break.


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