Video, Photos: Massive Bnei Brak Protest Decries Those Who Ignore Bais Din

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bnei-brak-protest[Video and photos below.] Last night, a tremendous protest took place in Bnei Brak at the home of Tzvi Bialositzky, a builder who went with a case to the Tel Aviv Court, ignoring a prior ruling of the bais din of Rav Nissim Karelitz.

The protest received the support of Rav Aharon Leib Shteinman, who, according to several Israel media reports, said that the chillul Hashem must be decried, as a number of dayanim of Rav Karelitz’s bais din were forced, due to Bialositzky’s actions, to go to the Tel Aviv court and endure hours of questioning and cross-examination.

The protest was several hours long and featured the recital of Tehillim and speeches by several rabbonim. Among the issues discussed was the holiness of a bais din and the serious transgression of ignoring the ruling of a bais din and going to a secular court.

Click below for a video of the protest:

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See below for photos:

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  1. This protest was a tremendous Kiddush Hashem.

    We in America should do the same when people go to secular court instead of Beis Din, by protesting outside his or her house in large numbers. Whether the case is someone going to secular court for child custody, monetary disputes or whatever.

  2. Who protested when others went to secular courts? NOBODY, so why should I be the average guy be held to a higher standard? We are mammash a dor yasom R”L!

  3. I was there. Massive crowds, thousands gathered to protest against this gerer chosid who was mevaze gedolei hadoir. It was like a levaya the oilem were so upset!

  4. We should all learn from this Kiddush Hashem and protest ourselves when we see a chillul Hashem of a Jew going to secular court to overturn a Beis Din or going to secular court for a divorce or any other reason (without reshus from Beis Din.)

  5. Thanks for the video and pics and the story. it is vital that those whog o against bais din know that klal yisroel won’t stand for it

  6. Who cares why he went to the secular court. He was mechallel shem shmaying and oiver the Torah just by going… regardless of any purported reasons.

  7. It is with a heavy heart that I write this comment. I hate to be the one to say it, but Battie Dinim today are riddled with corruption. Lets say I take someone to Beis Din because I claim he owes me Thousands of dollars.

    All this other guy has to do is higher a powerful Toein, and he wins the case!

    Is this Toras Moshe?

    We must create fair and balanced Battie Dinim, and only then can we expect the general public to go there before secular courts

  8. to number 10 if you want to be mavaze the Torah and its Dayonim PLEASE! do not get th eheilige Tana ben azai involved. Afra Lepumach!

  9. Jack # 12 — You are speaking without the benefit of Daas Torah. The secular courts are corrupt. Indeed the secular courts are 1000 times as corrupt as any Beis Din corruption you are purporting.

    It is assur midraysa to go to secular court. The Torah says one who does go to secular court will meet an untimely end.

  10. #10 & #12 – There are times that a heter is given to go to a secular court; otherwise it is assur. If a person is sure that he did not get a fair hearing in beis din and that the psak against him was due to corruption, he may not pasken for himself that he can go to a secular court. What does he think he will gain, other than a huge chillul Hashem? Yesh din v’yesh Dayan! Going against Hashem’s will can never bring anyone true long-term gain. Accept the loss as a gezeira from Hashem or do what is possible to do al pi halacha. Realize that in just about every din Torah both sides are sure they are right and have their negios and many times are sure that the other guy is a real crook whether he is or is not. It takes a big man to see another person’s point of view and realize that the halacha may not be on his side. A person’s claim may even be true, but if there is not enough evidence (even if he is SURE that there is), the beis din may not rule in his favor. The bottom line is to believe that Hashem runs the world and is just. One’s gains and losses are not random. If the “system” seems to have caused the loss, it is only an illusion. The only system within which we must carry out our business is what is laid out in halacha. There is no “justice” outside of halacha!! Such “justice” is not to this man’s or any man’s benefit, to say the least.


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