Video, Photos: Moadim L’Simcha Yom Tov Food Distribution a Massive Success


moadim-lsimcha-sukkos-5771-17[Video and photos below.] Yesterday, the Moadim L’Simcha Yom Tov food distribution took place in Lakewood, NJ. It was an amazing and inspiring scene as over 1,000 families took advantage of this wonderful effort designed to assist rabbeim, large families and others in advance of the upcoming Yom Tov of Sukkos by providing food necessities at cost price.

Moadim L’Simcha, a project of Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood, set up their operation in the parking lot of Lake Terrace Hall, off of Oak Street, and cars pulled up between 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. After signing in and receiving a list of the products they had previously ordered over the phone, the families went from section to section to receive their items, such as grape juice, chicken, eggs, paper goods and much more.

A cadre of volunteers – selfless individuals looking for no recognition – ensured that the distribution went smoothly.

“I have no words to express my hakoras hatov,” one participant told “All I can say is that this was one giant kiddush Hashem. Moadim L’Simcha ensures that families like mine can celebrate Yom Tov affordably.”

In years past, the families that participated in the Moadim L’Simcha service faxed in their orders, which were then processed by the project’s volunteers. This year, a phenomenal new phone system was set up by Arosa Media Inc., allowing the families to call in and place their orders through an automated program. The system then produced organized spreadsheets, allowing the project organizers to place the orders more easily and efficiently.

“From the fabulous automated call-in system to the organized pick-up, this Yom Tov‘s project was just something outstanding,” the participant said. “I thank all my fellow choshuveh Lakewooders who gave of themselves to make this happen. Mi ke’amcha Yisroel. What a special town I merit to live in.”

 To view video clips of the food distribution, click below:

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For photos, see below:

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  1. Mi ke’amcha Yisroel!!! What a special town & what special people!!! They should all be bentched with all the brochos in the z’chus of this beautiful mitzva!!!

  2. To whoever reads this…

    I was just surprised to read the message from your website which said “Slow Down. You are posting too fast.”

    Fascinating !

    I read and process information, concepts, power dynamics, situations and people at a much faster and higher rate than other people. This skill has been developed over many, many years. I am quite able to make judgment calls on important subjects very quickly. I am familiar with a vast array of geometries of consciousness. Swimming in the sea of all potential is quite fun. Marker buoys are required obviously. When I am bored and on top of various issues I move on.

    Anyway I enjoy visiting your website. It assists me in auditing the zeitgeist.

    Shalom !


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