Video, Photos: Moadim L’Simcha Yom Tov Food Distribution in Lakewood

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moadim-lsimcha-5769-matzav[Video and photos below.] Yesterday, the Moadim L’Simcha Yom Tov food distribution took place in Lakewood, NJ. It was an amazing scene as hundreds of families took advantage of this wonderful effort designed to assist families of rabbeim and others in advance tof he upcoming Yomim Tovim by providing food necessities at cost price.

Moadim L’Simcha, a project of Tomchei Shabbos of Lakewood, set up their operation in the parking lot of Lake Terrace Hall, off of Oak Street, and cars pulled up between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. After signing in and receiving a list of the items to take, the families went from section to section to receive boxes containing chicken, grape juice, tuna fish, paper goods and much more.

To view a video of the food distribution, click below.

For photos, see below:

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  1. reb Yidel shain was looking over the products, he seemed to like the poultry source. He didn’t like the fish products. The plastics were not for Pesach.

  2. While your actions are most laudable, it is not right to show pictures of the people taking things. It is perfectly OK to show the people helping distribute, but embarrass the person that needs to take?
    we are mispallel that we should get parnosso from the RBS”O “v’lo al idei matnas basar v’dom”
    While I heartily approve of the publicity, so that more people will give, I think that you are creating BUSHOS for those that need to take.
    May we all be zoche to be givers and not have to take!
    A k’siva va’chasima tova!

  3. It is inappropiate to show pictures of people that are receiving Tzedaka. They might be ashamed of the fact that they need to purchase at a discount.

    Additionally it was wrong of Tomchei Shabbos not to let working people, who are struggling in the current economic crisis, know about this. Many more families in Lakewood could of used this type of sale.

  4. This is not your typical Tomchei Shabbos type of handout. And even with photos, you often can’t tell who is the “giver” and who is the “taker”. These programs, which exist in various communities, are very helpful to Kollel and Chinuch families, who can stretch their Yom Tov budgets further with programs such as these. Ashreichem Yisroel.

  5. Since this was an “at cost” sale and NOT a tzedaka distribution, there is no “busha” inherent for anyone to be seen taking advantage of a true public service. While the sale had to be limited to Rebbeim (the askanim were not prepared to service all 8,500 of Lakewoods families!) this does not in any way imply that these proud Bnai Torah are the recipients of charity now or ever. Indeed, as working people striving to feed their families on the pittance provided by their salaries, they deserve such “breaks” for all they sacrifice on behalf of Klal Yisroel.

    Ashreichem Lakewood. Hats off to the organizers. Yasher Koach to our Rebbeim. And thank you Matzav for publicizing a kiddush Hashem. The aidelkeit of the people seen on the video makes me want to have a part in this mitzvah. Please let us know if there is an address for contributions to further offset the costs involved.

  6. This was not Tzedakah . Everybody paid the cost price .

    As far the working people ,its is not a tayne .
    Tomchei Shabbos only had the capacity to service approx 1000 families . The only way to draw the line somewhere was to make it a Melamdim and Kollel COOP . If they would have allowed working people ,even those in need ,it would not have been possible to keep it down ,unless you wanted them to spend several weeks checking through every needy working family and choosing the neediest . That obviously was not a solution .

    Believe me ,if somebody would make a true NOT FOR PROFIT COOP ,for the whole of Lakewood the way our COOP was 30 years ago ,I am sure everybody ( except for the Grocery stores and the NPGS store )would be happy including Tomchei Shabbos

  7. 1 – Although it is not Tzedakah as everyone paid the cost price – people are not comfortable with everyone knowing that they need reduced priced purchases to make it. It is more appropiate to be Hatzneah Leches. The article could have been done without pictures to get the PR, and at the same time protect peoples dignity.

    2 – I am not begrudging the Rabbi’s and Kollel Yungerleit that received it. They need it and it is wonderful that it is available for them. However in the current economic Matzav, there are many working families that are in very dire situations. Many do not get from Tomchei Shabbos, can barely manage to pay their tuition, can not get food stamps for assorted reasons, yet read here that a program such as this was done exclusively for Rabeeim and Kollel Yungerleit. People have received the Tomchei Shabbos change cards, and are happy to help, yet when they need help they have no one to turn too. Many people only need such a program to get them by, not a monthly delivery. I think that it should have been available to anyone in town who wants it on a honor system. Yes it would of been a much bigger job, however imagine the Zechuyos running into Rosh HaShana of helping everyone, not just an elite few.

  8. This program was available to anybody who called up and asked. There were many many baalabatim who utilized this program.

    What I find most interesting is the insecurity felt by both Machanos in town. When you go to Yeshiva, people complain that only the working folk get helped by Tomchei Shabbos. When you speak to Baalabatim they are busy criticizing that the tzedaka in this town is just another Kollel check. WAKE UP, everybody is being helped stop looking over your shoulder and judging. You might even have time to write a check.

  9. Untill i saw this video and article i was a very huge supporter of tomchei shabbos . But after seeing thaT IT WAS ONLY FOR RABEIM AND KOLLEL PEOPLE i decided that i will no longer be suppoting them .Its a shanda and a boosha that in todays situation to be so rude and just cut out anyone who is not in kollel or a rebbe? How about someone who has been out of a job for over a year and is having his house yanked away from him by the bank? who decided such retzeecha and who decided that its ok to post pictures of this food sale on the internet ??

  10. Who has more money – a Rebbe/Yungerman on a minimum salary, no matter how small, or an unemployed ba’al habos with no income coming in due to a layoff?
    The Rebbeim surely deserve it – but what about the rest of us?

  11. Maybe instead of commenting and complaining you should all find out who organized and arranged this beautiful Kiddush HaShem and get involved to prepare it for EVERYONE for Pesach. Putting all out resources together….we can accomplish anything. Wishing all The Oiskie Bi’Tzorchie Tzibbur and Gantz Klal Yisroel A Kisiva Vi’Chasima Toiva!!!!

  12. to hello.
    before you critize and post comments that are not true it would only make sense that you find out what’s moadoim l’simchas position is on these matters

  13. Everything Hello said is true, and the truth hurts. Instead of patting themselves on the back, they should look to help everyone that needs to be helped.

  14. Hello – this was open to anyone in town who felt they needed the help before Y”T in addition to all Rebbeim and Mechanchim. The organizers just had a hard time getting the word out in advance – they are not privy to lists of people in difficult situations and the orders had to be placed in advance. By the time the stuff was ready to be picked up it was too late for the general public to join in if they didn’t know about it in advance.

    This will be done again before Pesach – maybe those who need it can get info then. Meanwhile, Ashreichem to those who work hard with no monetary gain to themselves-just to benefit the Tzibbur!

  15. Many people that have gotten in the past, were not notified. And it is interesting that the ones not notified were the Baalei Batim. Need I say more?


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