Video, Photos: Motzoei Shavuos at Beth Medrash Govoha


motzoei-shavuos-in-bmg[Video and photos below.] As the Yom Tov of Kabbolas HaTorah has come to a close, over a thousand people have gathered this evening at North America’s largest makom Torah to bid farewell to the Yom Tov. At Beth Medrash Govoha in Lakewood, NJ, a tremendous crowd has joined together with the roshei yeshiva to dance and sing at an extended ne’ilas hachag.

Many Lakewood residents first davened Maariv in their local shuls, made Havdalah, and then made their way to Sixth Street to join the festivities in the dining room of the Israel Henry Beren Hall Building of Beth Medrash Govoha.

Click below for a video clip:

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See below for photos:

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  1. if you think this is big you should have seen the churva shul last night-hagoan harav ahron lieb shteinman shlita,harav noson tzvi finkel shlita came and harav ahron leib spoke,and harav elyashivs son made a siyum hashas then there was singing

  2. How far back does this tradition in Lakewood go? My son’s yeshiva has a special seder limmud after Yom Tov.

  3. Wow Mommish. But why I wonder, from all this learning, does there not grow another R’ Moshe, R” Yakov, R” Aron ZT”l etc etc??

    Where are our new gedollim? So much Chavrusa Tumults, and so much extra curricular learning and so much show and tell. By these gedolei yisroel there was no tumolts. They simply sat down and learned. (Only one small mans opinion).

  4. How do you know that future Gedolei Hador are not being grown in Lakewood? There are many tremendous Talmidei Chachomim, great masmidim, quietly covering groud in learning and growing, growing, growing….

  5. I’m as critical of Lakewood as the next man, but this is indeed a beautiful sight. Yasher koach to them and kein yirbu indeed.


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