Video, Photos: Police Attempt to Arrest Yeshiva Students in Ashdod and Yerushalayim

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Pandemonium reigned overnight in Ashdod and Yerushalayim, as military forces came to arrest army deserters. Officers met the resistance of yeshiva students.

About an hour after midnight, military police raided a building in Ashdod in an attempt to arrest a yeshiva student who had not reported to the IDF recruiting office.

A major commotion broke out, with sporadic singing amongst the gathered crowd. In midst of the tumult, a patrol car was overturned.

At the same time, military police made their way to the Givat Mordechai neighborhood of Yerushalayim, not far from Chevron Yeshiva, to a arrest a bochur who had not reported to the IDF recruitment office. The bochur has attending a friend’s wedding earlier in the evening.

Police also attempted an arrest in Givat Shaul. Protestors blocked police at about 4:30 a.m.

The police left both Yerushalayim and Ashdod empty-handed.

Observers told that it seemed strange from the start why the officers showed up to make these arrests in the overnight hours, disturbing the nighttime peace of the neighborhoods.

David Steger – Israel / Video, Photos: Bechadrei Chareidim, Flash 87


  1. This is pure anarchy. No one is making them go to the army. They all will receive a deferment because they are in the yeshiva. The gedolei and ziknei hador, Maran Rav Shteinman and Maran R’ Chaim Kanievsky tell them to register. The vast majority of Israeli yeshiva bachurim go and register as per the above mentioned gedolim.

  2. Anarchy of the complicit.

    Gravity says the poor gifted men who have no human spirit are resorting to a terror parade to assert their fabricated will. This is not judaism and even if your bagels are kosher, the lox you are eating is tainted.

    We need more rights. A constitution would help.

  3. Ah come on. A good time was had by all. Nothing wrong with a little night activity
    I wish I could of been there. Its healthy to vent a little and get some much needed exercise while your at it. No on got hurt so calm down.


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