Video, Photos: SCHI Challenge 2016


On Thursday, July 14, over 80 riders joined together to ride the SCHI Challenge 2016. After months of training, they were all well prepared to cycle 120 miles from the SCHI campus on Oak Street in Lakewood to Camp SCHI.

It was a scenic and enjoyable ride, but it was also a tough trip, with many uphill miles. But, as difficult as the ride was, the smiles on the Camp SCHI campers’ faces upon their arrival made it all worthwhile.

The SCHI Challenge cyclists truly challenged themselves, but they all accepted the challenge to benefit the challenged children of Camp SCHI, who challenge themselves every day of the year.

One cyclist, commenting on the SCHI Challenge 2016, said, “I just can’t wait another 364 days until SCHI Challenge 2017.”



SCHI_1stPICS-6623 SCHI_1stPICS-6638 SCHI_1stPICS-6646 SCHI_1stPICS-6647 SCHI_1stPICS-6651 SCHI_1stPICS-6657 SCHI_1stPICS-6663 SCHI_1stPICS-6682 SCHI_1stPICS-6684 SCHI_1stPICS-6690 SCHI_1stPICS-6691 SCHI_1stPICS-6692 SCHI_1stPICS-6700 SCHI_1stPICS-6716 SCHI_1stPICS-6784 SCHI_1stPICS-6793 SCHI_1stPICS-6817 SCHI_1stPICS-6825 SCHI_1stPICS-6834 SCHI_1stPICS-6884 SCHI_1stPICS-6916 SCHI_1stPICS-6928 SCHI_1stPICS-6931 SCHI_1stPICS-6935 SCHI_1stPICS-6936 SCHI_1stPICS-6975 SCHI_1stPICS-6981 SCHI_1stPICS-6986 SCHI_1stPICS-7100 SCHI_1stPICS-7178 SCHI_1stPICS-7277 SCHI_1stPICS-7315 SCHI_1stPICS-7323 SCHI_1stPICS-7341 SCHI_1stPICS-7404 SCHI_1stPICS-7436 SCHI_1stPICS-7535 SCHI_1stPICS-7936 SCHI_1stPICS-7989 SCHI_1stPICS-8036 SCHI_1stPICS-8116 SCHI_1stPICS-8272 SCHI_1stPICS-8281 SCHI_1stPICS-8282 SCHI_1stPICS-8283 SCHI_1stPICS-8284 SCHI_1stPICS-8286 SCHI_1stPICS-8295 SCHI_1stPICS-8332 SCHI_1stPICS-8340 SCHI_1stPICS-8342 SCHI_1stPICS-8345 SCHI_1stPICS-8346 SCHI_1stPICS-8348 SCHI_1stPICS-8353 SCHI_1stPICS-8359 SCHI_1stPICS-8364 SCHI_1stPICS-8367 SCHI_1stPICS-8379



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