Video, Photos: The Simcha Expo Draws Large Crowd

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simcha-expo-30[Video and photos below.] This past Motzei Shabbos, the Simcha Expo was held at Lake Terrace Hall in Lakewood, NJ. The expo featured dozens of booths running the gamut of popular businesses that service baalei simcha: music bands, photographers, flower designers, shaitel machers, bridal and family apparel, party planners, linen shops, jewelry shops, invitations and souvenir vendors, to mention a few.

With an ever-expanding line of choices for every aspect of making a simcha, it seems pretty difficult to go wrong. However, the comprehensive choice range also makes it all the more regrettable if the event turns out to be anything less than perfect. From the major details to those that seem insignificant, the consumer has become more discerning than ever.

Yet, frenzied consumers will oftentimes find themselves a step behind.

Mrs. Sarah Faham of Designer Announcements says that conversations with consumers will commonly leave them surprised. “People often assume that product lines are very similar and will just go through the phone book to find the lowest price. When they realize that the products can be apples and oranges, the entire picture changes. For instance, when choosing invitations, there are a host of different papers and weights, inks and styles available. It takes a look at the choices to appreciate the difference between the products and creativity of different merchants. And people also tend to be surprised that the price of an upgrade is less than they’d imagine.”   

She adds that in today’s sophisticated world, people will often be unaware of merchants’ expansive range of services as well. “I’ll often have people who aren’t aware that we offer various other products, such as menu cards, embroidered napkins, soaps, party planning services and themes, tallis and tefillin bags, etc., and the discounts they get if they order all as a package from the same merchant.”

Mrs. Devorah Svarc of Bridal Secrets has similar experience. “You really cannot appreciate the various qualities, styles and fits of kallah gowns until you see it for yourself. When people contact me, they are also frequently unaware that they can get their veils and headpieces at the same place as well.”

How can a baal simcha get to survey the vast field within a realistic schedule?

Thankfully, Mrs. Deutsch of Lakewood masterfully arranged an event that has revolutionized the simcha planning process for good. Last year, Mrs. Deutsch debuted the “Simcha Expo” in Brooklyn’s Ateres Chynka hall and this year, following her brainchild’s smashing success, Mrs. Deutsch set her sights on a broader map. For 2010, women in the community of Lakewood – and soon in New York’s Five Towns – got to enjoy a full blown Simcha Expo of their own, especially geared to those making weddings, bar mitzvahs, brissos or other simchos and events.

Businesses featured beautiful, sophisticated booths to showcase their products and services, answering questions, and giving visitors a genuine feel for what they are being offered and an opportunity to make the wisest, most suitable decision possible.

Businesses selling jewelry, clothing and other wares and services featured offerings for all customers, as did the delicious dessert buffet. Renowned chef and author Mrs. Susie Fishbein and fruit and vegetable master Mrs. C. M. Eichenstein entertained guests with beautiful, creative presentations.

Compounding the rich simcha and business angle of the evening was the invaluable tzedakah aspect. The Be’er Miriam Tziporah Hachnosas Kallah Fund of New York, which assists many Lakewood families as well, featured a Chinese auction at the expo to help them continue their vital work.

Click below for a video of preparations before the women-only event:

See below for photos:

{Noam Newscenter}


  1. sorry to be so negetive. but i went to look for ideas and try to maybe find stunning desert table for different themes (i have a few upcoming events in the family) like upsherin bar mitzvah etc… and i didnt see anything exciting. nice that they had jewelry music and invitation and maybe one party planner but no ideas where i can order special made cookies or stunning out of this world cake etc.. thats what i went searching for. i came home with a lipgloss. 🙂
    it was a nice event but not liek expected. hopefulyl next yr B”H will be more interesting

  2. I cannot believe that I am the only person reading this that is thoroughly disgusted.

    I am by no means perfect, but this complete and total focus on externals and meaningless trivialities is no doubt the source of some of the tremendous pain that families go through trying to keep up with styles and not appear to be cheap or behind the times.

    The horrified insinuation that a marriage would somehow be compromised were a couple not to have the right quality invitation or bridal gown would be funny if people didn’t take themselves so seriously.

    Hashem Yirachem.

  3. In Response to mythoughts
    Why don’t you try Cup of Cake NJ? They could make you any type of cake or cookie you wish for. they do beautiful work as well as very tasty.

  4. The evening was wonderful! Kol Hakavod to the organisers and the exhibitors. Even if you did not have a specific simcha in mind, there were enough good ideas to view and appreciate. The food demos were fun. The evening was no charge ( a real novelty!, you could bring your teenage daughters and spend a plesant Motzoi Shabbos. Why always find fault?

  5. The expo was not about the perfect cake or the perfect gown, it made making a simcha easier because so many stores you need when making a simcha were there! Bottom line is, making a simcha does include “trivialities” even if it’s not the main focus!

  6. I would like to respond to Z by saying that i really do not understand the disgust. When making is a simcha trivialities are going to exist. A kallah will need a gown, and some sort of band and invitation will exist. I was by the simcha expo and i thought it was fun and a beautifully presented show. I do not in any way see how additional pressure is being applied to the baal simcha, all i saw was an enjoyable way for someone making a simcha to have an easier time making contact with a service and a business they would need. they were not promoting high society, they were giving businesses a chance to advertise, for people to be able to get samples of what is out there etc. They were making things easier for people, not creating a standard. Not everything out there is hashkafically improper. if you have a way to clarify what was improper i really do not understand.


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