Video: Polish Anti-Refugee Demonstrators Burn Effigies of Orthodox Jews at Wroclaw Protest

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EFFIGY OF JEWDozens of demonstrators in the western Polish city of Wroclaw participated in burning effigies of Jews fully equipped with peyos and black hats, Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Wednesday.

The demonstration was part of a larger protest against admitting refugees of the civil war in Syria into Poland. Demonstrators warned that many of the refugees were actually economic migrants and terrorists, according to the report.

The demonstration took place on a portable stage in front of the Wroclaw city hall. Police contained the demonstration but allowed it to happen, with no formal complaints.

Many in Europe are concerned with the influx of refugees fleeing the violence in Syria, which has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives over the past nearly five years and caused widespread devastation.

Earlier this week, the Algemeiner reported on another anti-refugee banner hung on major thoroughfare in the city of Poznon.

Poland has officially decided to accept 5,000 refugees.




  1. Scary. The words are similar to any hate rhetoric used as national pride. Choice says that they are all hate inspired by hate valued.

    Another chapter in European organized hate history. This should be more clear to the poor nations in Europe after the Nazis, but the monster of Satan is so uncareful and criminal that the black light of the worst darkness keeps becoming self-evident.

    Thus is it likely that Jews will never live safely in Europe. The world is not a conglomerate of nations for hate. America is blessed. Our homes find rights, but the wicked in the worst of places are still living with the hand of darkness in the words of monsters and worried morons.

    Taste the reality folks, this is in a nation that was supposed to hate Naziism. The edge of hate has still every varied interest in Europe.

    Time says we are in for a daily long stranded hate from the satanic forces of this planet. And they are clearly greater in one place over the others.

    Unfortunate and very frightening.

  2. The American xenophobes and nativists who hate Syrian refugees will be expressing their hate for Jews shortly. The scary thing is that so many Jews identify with the haters rather than the victims.


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