Video: Pollard Checks in with Feds in New York

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pollard (2)Jonathan Pollard has checked in at a federal probation office in New York following his release this morning from a prison in North Carolina.

Pollard was released at about 5 a.m.

His legal fight isn’t over. Shortly after his release, Pollard’s attorneys began a court challenge to terms of his parole that they called “onerous and oppressive.”

The White House has said that it has no intention of altering the conditions of Pollard’s parole.

President Barack Obama’s deputy national security adviser reiterated that stance on Friday.

A video taken by a WCBS journalist showed Pollard walking into the federal courthouse in Manhattan with his wife, Esther, this morning. WATCH:

{ Newscenter}



  1. Of course Obamba won’t pardon him nor executively altering the terms of his release.
    Obamba is a שונא ישראל and he hates Netanyahu.
    Nuff said!
    Were this man moose-leem or black, be would have been freed long ago!
    I submit that all donations to democratic candidates be terminated or at least place in an escrow account to sit there until Nobama does it!
    As for the the prosecutor, why doesn’t he marry Linda Reade?


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