Video: Project Inspire 2010: “Wiping A Tear”


wipe-a-tear[Video below.] “You couldn’t watch that film and not feel that you had to do something.” That is the sentiment of those who have watched the Project Inspire films prepared for Tisha B’Av the last few years. In this year’s Project Inspire presentation, which you can watch below here on, five men share their story in the new 50-minute Tisha B’Av video, “Wiping A Tear.”

This new 2010 Project Inspire video will once again show the ability we all have to end this bitter golus.

Click below to watch:

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  1. about the woman who did not know how to hold the lulav and esrog and make a bracha but if she was a
    sefardia who the women don’t make bracha on mitzvot that are bzman grama

  2. and the asifas for Sholom Mordechai Rubashkin is showing how we are all pulling together and learning the ways of ahavas yisroel and achdus. the one thing that is missing and is coming together.


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