VIDEO: Protesters Bring 16 Foot Robot Of President Trump Tweeting On A Golden Toilet To Demonstration

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  1. It would be more respectful for a religious Jewish site to display the “Q” balloons flying over Windsor Castle, England, as well as the Q Anon-USA flags in honor of President Trump, instead of the Deep State/Cabaal/Muslim’s Trump haters’ disgusting stuff. TIME TO PRAY FOR PRESIDENT TRUMP, A TRUE OHEV YISROEL, FOR CONTINUOUS SIYATTA DISHMAYA, HATZLACHA AND PROTECTION.

  2. What good comes out of belittling President Trmp?
    Does it raise you self esteem?
    Are you jealous of the President?
    President Trump has been the best we have had in years!!!

  3. What do you want from a muslim mayor who hates the United States and hates Trump because right now he is the president. When the other visitors came to London who are communistic, or Christians haters, or imprison people just for disagreeing with their government I don’t think we saw funny balloons and other insulting balloons. This shows how small this man’s brain is and you wonder who voted him in, in the first place??????


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