DEVELOPING: Video: Protesters Storming US Capitol Building

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  1. These black masked rioters are Antifa, not Trump’s supporters. Trump’s people did not wear masks. But of course you can’t expect fake news to post the truth.

  2. do you blame them????? only blm and anarchists can (violently) protest??? No court wanted to hear about the fraud – so it comes down to this. All a bunch of cowards.

    if old biden is blaming the president for this, why doesn’t he come out and say that we should ALL look at the evidence (as if he doesn’t know it was rigged). The silence on the part of the democrats is deafening. If they were totally innocent why didn’t they, or why don’t they speak up. No one trusts the elections! Not the 11/3 or even yesterday’s in Georgia.

  3. כל הכבוד to these noble protesters who are fighting for the absolute אמת because President Donald Trump was duly reelected, and these salacious democrats stole the election:- They must continue this protest unabated until the duly reelected president is duly re-inaugurated as per the law. אמת always will prevail, and biden shall go down in absolute misery for his burglary crimes.


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