VIDEO: R’ Krohn on “Helping our Singles” (even if you are married)



IMPORTANT VIDEO: Watch Rabbi Paysach Krohn speak on how we can help the singles in Klal Yisrael

To Download Shareable Mobile Version of R’ Krohn’s Video – CLICK HERE

This Friday, August 16th @10am , over 500,000 Jews from across the world will unite at one moment to recite 8 chapters of Tehillim in the merit that all singles in Klal Yisrael find their shidduchim  – In Yad L’Achim’s initiative called  “TU B’AV TOGETHER”. VISIT WWW.TUBAVTOGETHER.COM 

Simultaneously, there will be a minyan of Talmidei Chachamim, messengers of Yad L’Achim who will daven for all who submit their names (no minimum donation required)

To download tehillim to be said, watch more videos and/or to submit names for free to the minyan of talmidei chachamim davening in Amuka on Tu B’Av, visit the special site Yad L’Achim set up for this momentous occasion WWW.TUBAVTOGETHER.COM or call Yad L’Achim at 1-866-923-5224

All names submitted will also be given to Rav Chaim Kanievsky shlit”a for a bracha (NO MINIMUM DONATION TO SUMBIT NAMES) . WWW.TUBAVTOGETHER.COM or call 1-866-923-5224


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