Video: R’ Leizer Scheiner’s Rosh Hashanah Minyan in Uman, Ukraine

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  1. There is so much to say and so much to wonder about this video, and in general about this Uman pilgrimage. I just hope that the Almighty is proud of what he sees in each Shul around the world as everyone chooses to serve him in the way that inspires them. However, Halacha is Halacha so what is up with the Shliach Tzibbur dancing and moving like this during Chazoras Hashatz? Can his feet possibly be together through all of this?

  2. I Don’t understand these videos taken on Yom Tov. Even if it’s taken by a goy obviously you can’t tell him to do it(amira l’akum). So the goy did it on his own? But are you allowed to try to “appear” in it? . Doesn’t feel so “yontifdik” having a cameraman in shul

  3. #2 There is a “main” big ashkenazi minyan in the “kloiz” and many many smaller other minyanim. Apparently this particular minyan was arranged by Lazer Scheiner

  4. How many families went through rosh hashanah without a father to guide them? But, Shame on anyone who is not breslov who went because it’s vogue! It’s a selfish recent custom an excuse to be with the boys.

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