Video: R’ Aharon Rottenberg Discusses Lakewood School Bussing

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aharon-rottenberg[Video below.] With concerns surrounding school bussing in Lakewood, NJ, as indicated by a letter printed earlier today on, The Lakewood Scoop blog sat down with R’ Aharon Rottenberg,

 owner of Negbah Bus Company, to discuss the concerns expressed by parents.

Rabbi Rottenberg, a builder and askan in Lakewood, opened Negbah Bus Company about four years ago while he was intimately involved with Yeshiva Toras Chaim of Lakewood, which required its own bussing at the time.

Rabbi Rottenberg candidly and forthrightly discusses the issues and concerns regarding school bussing and his plans for future improvement.

Click below to watch:

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  1. Bussing in general has been a debacle. all buses all comapneis

    and why was there a delay the other time in defercne to the schedules of other towns?! Crazy

  2. inteeresting
    is this the first frum owned school bus company in the States? I never even knew there was one
    We shoudl have more of them.

  3. Ribono Shel Olam – try using the bus service here in NY or out-of-town where there aren’t always buses. It’s gehinnom. This fellow sounds like he’s trying his best. Give him a break.

  4. I am a principal in a school in Lakewood and I am telling you that there is a real issue of boys suffering because there is a one hour wait in the mornings. There is massive Bittul Torah and simple Tzaar balei chaim!
    I feel so bad for the wonderful Yiddisher drivers.

  5. I cant view the video since my filter doesnt allow me to access you tube. Matzav usually downloads it themselves. I would love to see the video

  6. “Negba” means “to the south.” There’s a song, ufaratztah, which means we will burst forth, Yama (to the sea, or west), v’kedmah (forward, or to the east), tzafonah (to the north), v’negbah (and to the south). By the way, the desert in the south is called Negev. i guess that desert’s name means, “South.”


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