Video: Rabbi Paysach Krohn on “Stop the Talking in Shul”

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  1. The talking during the Amidah is always the careless thinking that their prayer was heard and blessed. If you do not respect your friends and family, then you are not worth discussing in your own prayer for sharing your own fate. The sadness is that when the Angel that values our commodity sees any of us waking the silent during their prayer, the Angel will not be ready to help the community in forgiveness.

    This is a real problem. An answer from Torah values is not a broken prayer for a silence that is not kept by a congregation that is not entirely G-d fearing in its better day.

    Very troublesome and anyone who talks during the amidah is not your friend to consider you will find right speech better.

    I do not enjoy it either and I will make a hand gesture or purse my lips. They are that poor.


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