Video: Rabbi Tendler Ascends Har Habayis

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moshe-dovid-tendler[Video below.] Arutz-7 reports that a new 17-minute video has been released showing an ascent to the Har Habayis led by Rabbi Moshe Dovid Tendler of Monsey, NY. Rabbi Tendler is the rabbi of the Community Synagogue on Cloverdale Road in Monsey and is a professor of Jewish Medical Ethics and biology at New York’s Yeshiva College. He led a small group of Jews up to the Har Habayis together with Temple Institute Director Yehudah Glick on January 19, 2009. The small gathering, which ascended Har Habayis “after first making the appropriate preparations as prescribed in Jewish law,” according to Arutz Shevah, recited special tefillos during their visit to the site. The video shows Rabbi Tendler walking around the Har Habayis and speaking divrei Torah and other thoughts.

Rabbi Tendler explained that some of the stones used by Arabs in paving the plaza that today also serves the Al Aksa Mosque were taken from Jewish homes.

Bending down, he gently brushed away the dirt from one of the blocks, revealing the cavity wherein once nestled the klaf of a mezuzah. Gesturing toward the bare, elongated hole, Rabbi Tendler told the group, “You see? There once was a mezuzah here. This was taken from a Jewish home. And they used it to pave the road.”

Rabbi Tendler contends that his father-in-law, Maran Hagaon Rav Moshe Feinstein zt”l, was well aware of his custom to go up on the Har Habayis and never dissuaded him from doing so. Most poskim, however, vehemently disagree with Rabbi Tendler’s stance and have forbade walking on the Har Habayis.

To watch a video of the visit, click below:

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{Arutz Shevah/Yair Newscenter}


  1. He is misguided at best. If what he is saying is true about kedusha not existing so why doesn’t he go all the way in to the Kodesh Hakodoshim?

  2. Time for klal yisroel to grow up and respect* ‘eleu v’eleu devarei hashem’. There are differences of opinion about ascending to the Holy Mt, it is not necessary for everyone to be in agreement on this matter.

    *respect does not mean agreement.

  3. I don’t think the video of this should be on this site. I also don’t believe that Reb Moshe went along with this.He & his children were known to distort many of Reb Moshe’s Psukim R”L.

  4. I do not go up to the Makom Hamikdosh. That being said the denigrating comments of those that are against this are themselves a great sin. We must stop being so “holier then thou” and remember what chazal say. “It is as important as to what comes oout of a person’s mouth as to what goes into a person’s mouth.” If we wouldbe makpid and as stringent in what we say andd how we say it as we are makpit on the hashkochos to what we eat, we would be on a much higher matreiga. Do rememer there are many Talmedei Chachomim who hold they are allowed to go up. So please let us watch are comments.

  5. Volozhin: Please allow me to correct you. First the expression goes Elu velu divrei Elokim Chaim… second I dont think that concept appplies in a situation when the mainstream Rabonim pasken that it is Ossur to go on har habayis. Saying that Rabbi Feinstein knew of Rabbi Tendler going to Har habayis and didnt stop him is no proof. Surely Reb Moshe ztzal knew the dictum that a word that is not going to be listened to is better not said.

  6. Yudel Shain,

    Drop the mudslinging, and be specific when accusing Rav Moshe ztl’s children and son in law of distorting his psakim. You claim this is “known”, so fess up and put your money where your mouth is–Let’s hear some details.

  7. DN: Can you name any occurence which would indicate in any way that Rabbi Tendler would ever do something against what Rav Moshe zt”l held? And if you cannot, than why would suggest sucha thing with regard to Har Habayis?

  8. I do not know of such an occurance, I simply said that there is no proof from Reb Moshe zatzal’s silence that he agreed. The fact is that most Rabonim all over the world do not allow going on the Har Habayis and I am therefore uncomforatble with Rav Tendlers public action and Matzav’s airing of it.Rav Tendler is a greater Talmid Chochom than I will ever be and do not speak against him in any way, just that the public showing of this incident leaves a possibilty for confusion.

  9. DN, your response is less objectionable than the first. But you did insinuate that Rav Moshe ztl did not say something to Rabbi Tendler because he would not have listened. That, I believe, is an insult to both Rav Moshe ztl and yblct Rabbi Tendler’s integrity. I was asking if you can back such a claim uo with any kind of fact because it is quite an allegation. To say such a thing contradicts both the multitude of shailos and tshvos between father and son in law, in addition to the common knowledge that anybody with any basic awareness of their close relationship would describe it as.

  10. DN,
    Let me agree with you though that I do not understand why the various frum/yeshivishe sites need to publicize this. It has not affect on any of the readers other than to foment hatred thereby scoring them more hits and postings. Rabbi Tendler held this for a long time and it had no bearing on anybody on the “Matzav” crowds. What then, is the ppurpose of publicizing it now?

  11. Second attempt. please post this:
    Bmos (above) said:
    “We must stop being so ‘holier then thou’ and remember what chazal say. ‘It is as important as to what comes oout of a person¬ís mouth as to what goes into a person¬ís mouth.’

    Nice to see Yoshka of Nazareth finally joining Chazal, with whom he fought his whole life. Here’s the money quote, son:
    “Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man; but that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth a man.” Matthew 15:11.
    I had to correct a guy on another frum blog on this same exact quote. Seems the heimishe oilam thinks Chazal really said it. Impossible, of course, since Jewish belief is that what goes into one’s mouth really does defile.
    Let’s try to keep the quoting of Jesus on these frum blogs to a minimum, shall we, gentlemen? Or will I have to keep on correcting you?

  12. I surely did not intend an insult to either, that is the furthest from my mind. I have always tried to be a Mokir Rabonon. It is however not clear that Reb Moshe zl agreed with yblct Rav Tendler on this matter and my point was that Reb Moshe would not have told Rav Tendler what to do as he would have known Rav Tendler’s shita in this matter and would not have succeeded in changing his mind. Shulchan Aruch tells us that a son in law should be mechabed his father in law like a son to a father. Does that extend to changing one’s halachic shita… I am not sure. But my original post was misunderstood. I mean no disrepect to any ROV.(or to you either for that matter) Chss Vesholom.


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