Video: Rabbi Yoel Gold Tells Famous Tale of Rav Geldzahler and the Gas Attendant

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rav-eliezer-geldzahlerIn the following video, Rabbi Yoel Gold tells a well-known story about the legendary Rav Eliezer Geldzahler zt”l of Lakewood, NJ, and his life-transforming impact on a New Jersey gas attendant, Vinny.

While the story may be well-known, in this video, we get to meet the protagonists of the story, Rav Geldzahler’s daughter, Chana Malka, and Vinny himself.


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  1. #4 no…u certainly not…
    Coming from a question like yours, you probably should remain silent.
    I can’t see how anyone can benefit from what you have to say!

  2. I find it very disturbing that Yoel Gold keeps referring to Chana Malka by her first name. It is a total lack of Tznius. Making a PR video doesn’t change the metzius of hilchos Tznius. Please remove this video.


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