Video: Rabbi Zercharya Wallerstein on “Stop the Talking in Shul”

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  1. Treat the problem, not the symptom. The talking is just an outside symptom that we are truly not inspired in shul. The long Mi-Shebeirachs, which are full of social politics, ( for him yes, and for him Not), done in the center of Shul, while the Sefer Torah is laying there, takes away all of our inspiration.

  2. To Avi..
    You’re trying to find excuses when only ONE exists.The reason people talk in shul is because they DON’T connect to Hashem through their davening.They are not connected, period.They come to shul by rote and not with joy..When a person comes with joy to the house of Hashem, like you would when you go to visit your good friend,looking forward…there is no problem.You will pay close attention to your friend and share pleasantries with him.Well…share with gratitude. ..Don’t worry about the others…make your own personal connection…
    Finding excuses that you’re bored…its too long etc etc…and all the myriad reasons why people talk…doesn’t cut it. They just wanna be out of there asap…not realizing the special opportunities they are BLESSED with to spend time with THEIR BEST FRIEND!

  3. #2, you are exactly right. People make all kinds of excuses why they are bored in Shul…. it’s too long, too short, too much singing, not enough singing, too many Mi Shebeirachs, blah, blah, blah. If everyone would just focus on why they are in Shul in the first place and that it is a privilege to be there and communicate with HKB’H, this would all stop.

  4. THANK YOU for concurring with me about the issues of talking in shul #3…never mind the fact that people dont even begin to care about the halochos of davening…talking after Burech Sheomar..talkng by Hallel…anyware anytime…I am a woman living in b.p. daven in a heimisha shul…cannot even begin to tell u the mockery of that place.I dont daven there only on Yomim Noruim.I daven home…where the children running around on our side of the shul…screaming loudly where u cant hear your own voice, does not exist.
    The Beis Medresh became a babysitting service for mothers who wanna sleep late on shabbos and make sure the kids dont bother them! Fathers don’t know,care ,what they are doing or where they are..disturbing those who came to shul to daven…Of course,they are busy yacking with their friends and wonder later what happened to their sons!!!! What a “vei geshrei”.

  5. To #2 & #3
    You can not tell a person, “Just focus, connect & be inspired”, when he sees social and petty politics happening by the Bima. It just won’t work, period.

  6. Avi..we are married for 42 yrs…my husband does not talk in shul…complete concentration by davening…because its part of him in spite of the talking going on around him.He knows where he is…IN THE HOUSE OF HASHEM.
    All the excuses, and yours included , are just that.
    When u know where you are and what you came for, BEFORE you enter the Shul…u can maintain focus..
    Trust me, if you had a meeting with a diplomat of high standing in a room with lots of people,..guaranteed the noise level will be at a minimun.The only thing is, you forget who you are standing in front of when you come to pray.
    I try to keep focus by davening, people all around me are taking, before, after and in middle of Baruch Sheomar..I just show them in my siddur where I’m up to…and continue.
    The trouble is…no one cares. Last I was in shul there was talking in middle of davening after Boruch sheomar.I told the woman next to me that you’re not allowed to talk..a minute later someone entered, and boom..she nicely greeted the person, continued talking to her..oblivious to what I had just told her.
    My husband has reprimanded many a yungerman, they look at you like you are from Mars.
    We are living in a new era, age where busha doesnt even exist and the Rabbis are afraid of losing their mispalellim.If every Rabbi would have rules and enforce them, we wouldn’t have these problems.
    Kids who are not davening should stay home.Shuls are not babysitting services. You can’t daven, you don’t want to daven…don’t come.
    Its not a social event, it’s a house of prayer.
    Meet your friends wherever you choose, discuss business ( which is not even allowed on Shabbos) in the street or wherever…discuss politics, your new car and LOSHON HARA, particularly LOSHON HARA….away from Shul.
    I want my prayers and your prayers to reach Hashem. Please don’t sabatoge my opportunity…
    And please…don’t believe your own excuses…they are not valid, not to me nor to the deception you are feeding yourself.

  7. I agree with Avi to some extent. I do NOT talk during davening or krias Hatorah but am somewhat tolerant of the 1 or 2 people in our Shul who occasionally do. There is no question, the selling Aliyos on Yom Tov or stam, the regular Mishebairachs after each Aliyah on a regular Shabbos, is an opening for one to talk. If you keep the davening moving smoothly along, there wouldn’t be any opportunity to start a conversation bechllal. It is for this specific reason that there are those who will only daven in a Litfisha Yeshiva (my boys included) on Shabbosim. I know, low people like to bash the Yeshivisha davening as being “Kalta Litvaks”, but at least there is NO talking or even the opportunity to start talking. For a Shul to be iron fisted, is not the Derech either. Generally people will gravitate to the Shul that they feel most comfortable and excepted in. It is the Rav’s responsibility to make sure his misspalelim don’t talk. If he doesn’t give a darn and all he’s concerned about is keeping his Minyan/salary coming, he will only have himself to blame in the next world.

  8. Aron…
    Accepted…not excepted…sorry
    And yes you are right…but who is thinking sbout the other world? If they did, they wouldn’t talk by davening to begin with.
    P.s in our shul the Rebbe has,asked for no talking…but when it happens on a large scale he ‘s still chicken about sending them out!


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