Video: Rav Elyashiv and the Belzer Rebbe Meet On the Street

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rav-elyashiv-belzer-rebbe1[Video below.] In a rare occurrence, the posek hador, Rav Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, met the Belzer Rebbe, Rav Yissochor Dov Rokeach, on the street this morning. Rav Elyashiv had requested to be taken to the Gush Shmonim neighborhood in Yerushalayim to recite Birkas Illanos and then go to the home of the Belzer Rebbe in nearby Kiryas Belz to wish the Rebbe mazel tov on the recent bar mitzvah of his grandson, Shmuel Tzvi Rokeach.

At about 9 a.m., upon learning that Rav Elyashiv was traveling to his home, the Rebbe said that he doesn’t want to be matriach the centenarian gadol – Rav Elyashiv just celebrated his 100th birthday this week – and would go to Gush Shmonim and meet Rav Elyashiv there.

As the Rebbe began to depart from Kiryas Belz, Rav Elyashiv arrived. Thus, the two gedolim met in Kiryas Belz. The Rebbe told Rav Elyashiv not to be matriach himself to enter the Rebbe’s home, and so they met briefly on the street, as the crowd grew around them, with people standing and watching the unique site.

Rav Elyashiv and the Rebbe shared words of Torah before departing and wishing each other a gut Shabbos.

Click below for a video of the meeting:

[media id=624 width=400 height=300]

{Yair Israel/Video by Kikar HaShabbos}


  1. Beautiful! It is a chizuk to see our leaders getting along and being mechazek each other. That is a chizuk to me.
    May they both be maarich yomim.

  2. according to the insiders rav elyashiv and the belzer rebbe have weekly dialogues concerning am yisroel in todays matzav. may thay poel os als git for klall yisroel bimhara amen.

  3. For a Litvisher Godol Hador to be matriach himself to a Chassidishe Rebbe that is younger than him, and who could have been his grandchild, is gevaldig. And for the Belzer Rebbe to show respect to the Godol Hador is also something others should learn from. Mamish a kiddush Hashem!

  4. The Belzer Rebbe always showed respect for Litvisha Rabbonim. I was personally at the Rebbes” son’s Bar Mitzvah (some time in the late 80’s)and Maran Rav Schach ZT”L made a special trip from Bnei Brak to Yerushalayim to attend. It was because the Belzer Rebbe has a tremendous Kavod Hatorah. He should be marech yomim veshanim B”EH


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