Video: Rav Moshe Bergman Discusses Copyright in Halacha

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rav-moshe-bergman[Video and photos below.] Today, an enlightening halacha seminar was held at Khal Ateres Yeshaya in Lakewood for lomdei Torah and others who have the day off from work for the Thanksgiving legal

holiday. The event, sponsored by PCS (Professional Career Services), a project of Agudas Yisroel, featured Rav Moshe Bergman, rov of Khal Bnei Avrohom Yaakov of Flatbush and a member of the bais din of Rav Yisroel Belsky, and Rav Chaim Mayer Roth, rov of Sterling Forest-Nusach Sefard.

 Rav Bergman discussed the issue of copyright in halacha, sharing practical applications and historical background of the inyan. Rav Roth spoke about employee-employer relations and related halachos.

Among the issues Rav Bergman discussed was the copying of music CDs. He mentioned the now popular practice of certain  Jewish music CDs being leased, instead of sold, which, he said, would indeed make the issue more severe and there would be no possible heter to copy CDs. (See here for a previous comprehensive report on this specific topic.)

Click below to watch a 27-minute video of portions of Rav Bergman’s presentation:

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For photos of today’s event, see below:

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  1. if the artists want to make sure people don’t copy music charge less for cd’s not 15$ which is crazy if they sold the cd’s for $7 alot more people would buy them if they charge alot it is lifnei iver lo siten michshal

  2. If halachicly you cannot copy music, then the same halachic principle would prohibiti you from lending or borrowing a CD or music. (In fact, perhaps it would even prohibit you from LISTENING — or letting listen — to someone elses music!)

  3. I believe the original cherem, copyright if you will, goes back several hundred years earlier to the Amsterdam and Saltzbach shasin.


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