Video: Rav Shapiro’s Message of Achdus: “Did You Daven ‘Arvis’?


ephraim-eliyahu-shapiro[Video below.] The following is an address delivered by Rav Ephraim Eliyahu Shapiro, rov of Shaaray Tefilla of North Miami Beach, at an achdus rally last month in Florida for Reb Sholom Mordechai ben Rivkah Rubashkin.

Rav Shapiro’s message, stressing the theme of arvus and kol Yisroel areivim zeh b’zeh, is quite appropriate for this time of year – and all year round – and so we present his drasha here on

Click below to watch:

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  1. He is in Oklahoma where all Federal prisoners get classified. from there he will go (if C”V no miracles happen) to the east coast.


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