Video: Rav Shternbuch Hit By Tear Gas By Yerushalayim Police


rav-moshe-shternbuch[Video below.] Shock has spread in response to the actions of Yerushalayim Police today at a public protest against the desecration of kevorim in Yaffo and the Israel Antiquities Authority ignoring all pleas to halt their activities. In attendance at the protest was Rav Moshe Shternbuch, Rosh Av Bais Din of the Eidah Hachareidis, who was actually hit by teargas released by police. The Raavad required medical attention.

It is to be noted that today’s protest where Rav Shternbuch was located was a peaceful one. ¬† has repeatedly reported in the name of Rav Shternbuch that he condemns any types of violence. “Anyone who commits acts of violence declares that he doesn’t belong to our community,” the Raavad has said.

The gathering today was held after the excavation works in the area of the kevorim resumed this morning after a short break. Immediately afterwards, buses carrying protestors arrived in the area.

¬†Today’s act by police have Yerushalayimer residents irate.

Click below to watch:

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{Yair Israel/Video courtesy of Bechadrei Chareidim}


  1. I am shocked.
    Maran harav Sternbuch is a holy holy Yid.
    We must do teshuvah if such a thing happened.
    The governemnt should release a statement.

  2. kol hamevazeh talmidei chachomim ke’ilu mevazeh hakadosh boruch hu.
    those who did this will egt heavenly retribution

  3. There should be a taanis. It is our fault and we need to do teshuvah if a gadol hador is assaulted by police thugs. We must repent. The Raavad took the hit for all of us.

  4. Rabbi Sternbuch speaks English. He is a brother in law of Rav Ehrentrau of England who married his sister. Also, Rav Dovid Soloveichik married his sister. He was in Antwerp before he went to Yerushalayim.
    He authored great seforim. A great Yid. One of the gedolim of our generation. This was a travesty. We should declare a fast.

  5. gemara – where does it say kol hamevazeh talmidei chachomim ke’ilu mevazeh hakadosh boruch hu? i never heard of that, not that it’s not true.

  6. There is nothing wrong with holding a protest. Every free conuntry allows it. You are allowed to protest and yell and do whatever. Which is what happenjed here.
    To throw teargas at the Rov is despicable.

  7. the brisker rav yousd to not go out to prottest because he said that they are choshish on ritzicha the tzionim yimach shimam vizichrom

  8. I see no reason for bochurim and yungerleit to go to these protests.
    The young people should occupy themselves with learning Torah with hasmodah.

    Screaming and yelling and cursing with the word nazi is unbecoming of a Torah Yid.
    This behaviour will definitely hold back Moshiach.
    Learn more Torah do more Chesed

  9. Based on this story, I am not convinced about Israels use of force on the flotilla. They have a track record of viciousness

  10. protest=risk
    the cops simply want to move the protest out. After 20 minutes sitting on the bus it’s time they move. Also the cops are Jews doing their jobs not Nazi’s. Tear gas is a way to move the demonstration- an illegal one, try an illegal demonstration in NYC and you’ll end up in Jail

  11. Please provide the email addresses for President Peres, Prime Minister Natanyahu and the Police Chief in Yerushaleyim and let everybody who feels outraged by what happened send the video clip to these people so that they realise that the velt is not hefker and that there are thousand of yidden who have been outraged by the behaviour of the Police.

  12. To #16 and all those that think that NOT going is the correct Mehalech: The Ra’avad Rav Moshe Shternbuch Shlit”a does not waste a second and he obviously felt there was an important reason for him to peacefully demonstrate.

    If you look at the video closely you will see that the police left their place behind their blockade to administer the tear gas. It would be one thing if those protesting got unruly by pushing the police blockade, the police would then need crowd control. Totally different story when you rush the peaceful crowd and viciously beat down anyone that is in your path. It might do you well to study some films of what Nazi crowd control looked like. You might be suprised that their methods have been perfectly imitated by some in the force. What made their demonstration “illegal”?

  13. The Secular, Charedie hating government, just lost a major protection from above! To cause Tzaar to such a Kadosh Vetahor like Rav Schternbuch SHLITA, is a Shreck! R”L, watch out Medina! Your busy with Frum Yidden, I cringe what the arabs may do now R”L! It says that the medina has to fall before Mashiach can come.

  14. #15, it works differntly. They attack the Frum, and claim that Frum attacked… They are attacked and the world claims they attacked

  15. Why is the desecration of kevorim always only a concern to the Eida Charedis community? What about the entire yeshivishe oilem. Why don’t they come out in force to protest this horrible bezoyon hamaisim. Eis Laasos LaHashem! If the elderly Gaon and Tzadik Rav Shternbuch Shlita is matriach to come, it is mechyav everyone!

  16. Normal wrote:
    “It says that the medina has to fall before Mashiach can come.”
    Oh, really? Where does “it” say that? And what is “it”?
    It may be true that the police used tear gas inappropriately, they have been known to be vicious. But to spout all sorts of hysterical nonsense about the medinah and moshiach harms your cause.


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