Video: Remarks By PM Bibi Netanyahu at Special Knesset Session Commemorating The 14 Years Since the Murder of MK Rechavam Ze’evi Hy”d

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Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, speaking Tuesday at a special Knesset session to mark 14 years since the assassination of Minister Rechavam Ze’evi, said: “Israel will settle accounts with the murderers, those who attempt murder, and all those who assist them. Not only will they not enjoy their privileges, but we will exact from them the full cost. Anyone who raises his hand to harm us – will pay dearly. And we will not hesitate to use all means at our disposal to restore peace to the cities of Israel.”

“Numerous measures are continuing to be implemented on the ground in answer to the current wave of terrorism….We knew waves of terrorism in the past and we overcame them. They did not achieve their aim to uproot us from our land, to destroy our country. They will not achieve it this time either. We are focused on our mission to fight the murderers and inciters, and I am confident that the actions we take will lead to the other side’s recognition that terrorism does not pay.”


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