VIDEO REPLAY: President Donald Trump Announces Deal To End Shutdown, Reopen Government

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President Trump announced a deal in the White House Rose Garden to end the shutdown, and fund the government for three weeks.



    • He knows the Democrats’ visceral hatred of him for beating them in 2016 will prevent them from negotiating over the next 21 days. He will then call a national emergency and build the wall. He gets the wall, and the Democrats get – NADA!! Oh, and they also lose whatever credibility the populace placed in them until now, so that 2020 will be a Republican rout. #WalkAway #MAGA

      Not bad for a “4 level Chess player.” LOL!

  1. I like the guy who pops up at the end and tells you to click here or there. I find it funny the way the guy takes himself so seriously.


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