VIDEO: Restore the Glory: Hagaon Rav Chaim Kanievsky talks about his youth in Pinsk

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Today hundreds of people across six continents are coming together for one goal and one mission―to help restore the glory of Jewish life in Belarus.


Join Yad Yisroel in funding the continued revival of Yiddishkeit in Belarus.

In a country where there is NO local government financial support, and where most of the population barely make ends meet, it is imperative that we provide for our fellow Jews the opportunity to have spiritual and financially sound futures.

Thanks to YOUR support today, by subsidizing our annual budget of $2,100,000, ALL programs, services, and schools can continue being provided at no cost to the Jews of Belarus.


  1. This is a truly amazing community run by an amazing outstanding Tzaddik whom I know personally and have visited and seen first hand his amazing avodat Hashem a few times. PLEASE donate generously!! They deserve it for their outstanding meseras nefesh day after day!
    Tizko Lemitzvas

  2. Where does Rav Chaim ahlit”a talk about his youth in Pinsk???

    From what I recall seeing in the video, he just acknowledged that he remembers it (probably quite minimally) and that he was born there.

  3. He said nothing about Pinsk besides for acknowledging that he was born there and left at 8 years old, that’s not talking about his youth in Pinsk. So he was born there, so what? Abraham Avinu was born in Iraq and Moshe Rabenu was born in Egypt, any significance? nothing. The Shchinah came down on Har Sinai, is the place holy now? of course not. Same here, Pinsk is not what made Rav Chaim a gadol. The tzadik honors the place, not the other way around (Taanis 21b). It might be a nice place to build a good Jewish community again, just like any other place, but don’t use the Gadol and his Torah as a tool for fundraising purposes.

  4. Unfortunately we live in a time that we have to come on to click baits to see a good cause.

    Anyhow, this happens to be a VERY good investment for us, as we are dealing with our brothers and sisters who were ripped away from Yiddishkeit…
    Hashem and their great parents are pleading for us to help them come back.

    These people there are doing our work, let’s support them

  5. Jews in former USSR?! How many are left?! How many are not completely intermarried?
    At least 90% of former Soviet Jews currently reside in the US and Israel. Besides, it is kind of dollar short day late to get into Russian kiruv now. Most Russian Jews became Americanized or Israelized. Should have been treating Russian Jews nicely back in early 1990’s – by “nicely” I mean the way you would like to be treated yourself. I remember snobbery and contempt of American Jews back in the 90’s. Never to rely on these people, I said to myself.


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