Video: Secular Reporters Dress As Chareidim To Investigate How Seculars Treat Chareidim

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chareidi-boys-bochurim[Video below.] The charedi media has been full of reports recently of attacks by seculars on charedim, along with general worsening treatment of charedim by the secular. Charedi MKs have made such statements in the Knesset. Charedi media have established hotlines where people could report incidents.

Two secular journalists, Ravib Druker and Miki Rosental, dressed up as charedim, and took a charedi fellow as a consultant of how to behave and dress so they would not be spotted. They planned to walk through a secular area as charedim and see how they would be treated. They tried to rent a house, join a gym, ride local bus lines and tracked how people would react and treat them.

Obviously this is not a scientific study, but it is interesting. Watch and see the results of their experience (in Hebrew):

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  1. I would love to see one of our own with a hidden camera to go out there and see what is really going on and then ofcourse to put on Utube !!!

  2. Judaism and Jews have always made other people uncomfortable. The Reason for this is simple
    GUILT! Loyal erlecheh yiddin remind others of their duties and responsibilities. On a greater note antisemitism is caused by the same psychological pressure. Like a teenager in front of their parents. Parents are only figure heads to them (like a menorah in the wall)…or something like that and also for favors or money… NEVER for advice correction or guidance. SAD

  3. They looked idiotic, not like typical chareidi. Can’t believe people could not look past the charade of how poorly they were dressed to imitate them. The average chareidi jew does not look like that. I don’t speak hebrew so I don’t exactly know what transpired. Wish someone would enlighten me, however was just commenting on the way they appeared. Poor Poor Job.

  4. Very nice video. The grey haired guy’s hat, is all out of shape by the end of the video. At that point he didn’t look too Charedi to me. The skinny black haired guy looked much more real.
    As far as not renting apt’s to Charedim, we have the same problem right here in Brooklyn! No one is willing to rent an apt to a Ben Torah with more than two kids! We have a renters “crises” right here in Flatbush! It’s digusting and a Chillul Hashem of the highest level!

  5. Anonymous #8: may be they looked fake, but it’s hard to argue that real haredim would be treated nicer. Poor job? We should be grateful to chilonim who are seeking for the truth, who may not have much simpathy for haredim, and yet are disgusted by sheker gamur and by what has been going on.

  6. To us they looked quite genuine. We were quite prepared to rent to them, quite p[leasant to them, didn’t spit on them etc. etc. The haredi claims that the chilonim hate them were completely disproved.

  7. Oh, come on! This hardly shows one way or another. They come across as respectful and kind… The average human being will respond to that in kind. If they want to see the hatred that we’re talking about then they need to engage the chilonim in any charedi/chiloni topic. That will bring out their real feelings.

  8. For the benefit of thoswe who do not understand Hebrew, they tried to rent apartments in Chiloni neighborhoods. Some put them off with meaningless words (“I’ll get back to you”) and others asked them if they would feel comfortable in such a neighborhood. While riding on the buses people were surprised but did not react. Women did not try to sit next to them but they did not know if it out of respect (I worked with a Chiloni woman who said that she does not try to shake hands with religious men for this reason) or fear. That was all.

  9. #15, people in general have strong feelings regarding their opinions. The comments on this and other frum sites shows this (one site even sends a message that one’s comment is waiting to “moderated”).

  10. My Ivrit is perfect. I’ll get back to you means just that. Stop being so paranoid. There are no other Haredim in this neighborhood means just that. The chiloni landlords were simply pointing out to these guys that they might not feel comfortable. If they had taken out money and wanted to sign on the spot, it would have been taken. On the buses there was no balagan, people just behaved normally.

  11. Love the social experiment but it IS weird for a chassidsher to want to rent in a secular neighborhood and theres nothing wrong with asking if he’d feel comfortable. Of course and even more so a religious person would ask a secular wanting to move into a religious neighborhood…

  12. There is a big difference o f perception when dealing with individuals, any chareidy and chiloni can get along on an individual basis. However at a time when groups are pitted against each other, bias comes out strongly, cause we lose focus of the individual and focus on what he stands for as opposed to you. The same way that Jews are apprehensive of Muslims, yet on a personal level you can find jew-muslim relationships. This is nature. that said, you would have to make a study with a non individualistic approach.(which is quite hard with 3 dudes in 1 day).


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