Video: Senator Max Baucus Rants Drunk On Senate Floor

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max-baucus[Video below.] Susan Flowers of reports: Senator Max Baucus appears drunk and/or intoxicated on the Senate floor as he shouts Down Wicker. Is this acceptable? Is this behavior and lack of leadership acceptable to U.S. citizens who are paying his salary?

Have all rules established over hundreds of years being thrown out and disregarded by the Democrat party?

He should be brought before his peers and punished, if they don’t, should voters, as employers, write him up for inappropriate behavior and disorderly conduct?

Americans are paying taxes to support his career. If you disapprove, call and write the other Senators and request he be charged with disorderly conduct. No one in the Congress or Senate should be allowed to be intoxicated when officially representing the citizens of the USA.

Click below to watch Baucus in action:

[media id=441 width=400 height=300]

{Examiner/Noam Newscenter}


  1. thats what you get with obama as president
    this is all just a part of that
    i heard obama invited him for a beer to the white house

  2. Have you thought he might have a minor stroke. If this happens to your relative or friend please call an ambulance or Hatzola immediately.

  3. Not a decent song. It is full fo Bigotry.

    Who knows how many Pironious from HKB”H this song has brought onto Klal Yisroel.

    Get it straight, HKB”H despises bigotry, especially when it is aimed at anyone who is born to the “Wrong” mother.

    Did they have a choice which mother to be born to?


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