Video of Neturei Karta Kooks Meeting Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is from 2009


neturei-karta-ahmadinejad[Video below.] The fringe Neturei Karta group once again shamed itself by meeting Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who spoke at the United Nations last Wednesday, telling the annual gathering of the U.N. General Assembly about the “continued threat by the uncivilized Zionists to resort to military action against our great nation.” Ahmadinejad spoke on Yom Kippur.

However, a video being spread over the internet depicting the recent meeting is actually from a meeting that took place three years ago, not the more recent meeting of the madman from Iran and the fringe lunatics.

At the meeting shown in the aforementioned video, the Iranian president met with members of Neturei Karta, who praised him, lauding him for his care for all people, and even presenting him with a gift inscribed in his honor. The present, a large silver bowl, was given to Ahmadinejad by Moshe Dov Beck on behalf – in Neturei Karta’s words – of “World Torah Jewry” presented by “Neturei Karta International.” Most of the dozen or so members of the group, following the meeting, each hugged and/or kissed the Iranian president, who has expressed his desire to wipe the country of Israel and its inhabitants off the face of the earth.

Click below for a video of the meeting, which, again, is not from this year:

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  1. These Neturei Karta are paid to do their thing. They are hired to help those who would kill Yidden. There is little or no “l’shmo” here.
    The only crazy thing is that they are willing to sell their fellow Yidden for some dollars.

  2. I am not surprised fanatics gravitate towards each other, they are both true fanatics,may hashem protect us from theese evil in this world.

  3. Think about it. They refer to all Israeli leaders followed by “yemach shemo”. Yet, to this rosha who clearly wants to harm all Jews, rachmana litzlan!, they kiss and don’t bother saying yemach shemo. I will say it, may the name of this iranian madman be forevor obliterated, and before he can harm even a single Jew. Omain

  4. I would like to hear from The Matzavs Editors as to what the purpose of showing and writting about this encounter between two groups of anti-semites, yes Jewish anti semites because they are even greater anti semites than the Iranians are. This guy is todays HITLER and to meet with Hitler and to bow down to him and to kiss him is something that you should not be promoting. You are falling into the exact trap which they wanted from you , which is promoting their agenda.
    So I think as a regular reader of your site you owe an explanation to me and to all your readers.

  5. Klal Yisroel actually owes hakaros hatov to these yidden. While their meeting the madman of Teheran can do no harm (it is just a meeting), if Iran c’v wins a war against the State of Israel at least they will know that many yidden were opposed to the zionist enterprise all along.

  6. if it wasnt so utterly serious, I’d say its the best ever spoof for Purim. However, it is horrifically pathetic, these people are truly sociopaths. Do these psychos have Borderline Personality Disorder?????

  7. What a disgrace! The fanatic sheep meeting the 2012 Hitler!

    What is so ironic is that if the Iranian mamzer would have an oppurtunity he would kill them along with all the Jews!

    It is brought down in Gemara that if a person has bad middos then there is something up wwth their yichus! Could be a conversion that was not done right!

    These Erav Rav must be descendants of Ameilik!
    If yuo don’tove the goverment in Israel o.k. bbut to go and meet and hug the person who wants to kill all Jews is a Chilul Hashem!

    Their beard,peyos,and yarmulka are worth nothing!


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