Video: ShidduchVision – How it Works

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shidduch-vision[Video below.] Last week, reported on the opening of the first ShidduchVision studio in Lakewood.

ShidduchVision, under the haskamah of gedolim, consists of live interactive video conferencing which enables eligible single men and women who live in distant cities to “meet” one another. Such singles now have the opportunity to get to know each other in the comfort of a ShidduchVision studio, located in a private home in their own city. Sitting in front of commercial grade, high quality and highly secure professional video-conferencing equipment, in a personal and private studio setting, they can have a pleasant meeting, much as they would in person. Up to three such low-cost meetings can be arranged before the couple decides whether travel and meeting in person constitute the right next move.

With studios currently operating in Baltimore, Lakewood and Chicago and with another opening soon in Toronto, the effort will further ease the shidduch situation by alleviating the financial and emotional strain of long-distance dating. In many cases, the expensive and time-consuming travel discourages people from undertaking to meet a proposed match who lives in another city. Others who do make such efforts become frustrated when the trip proves unsuccessful – which only further increases the likelihood that future suggestions involving travel will be shunned.

By providing a low-cost, hassle-free means of introducing singles who live apart, ShidduchVision helps to remove one of the major barriers to successful shidduchim.

The following professional video was created for everyone to have a better understanding of the idea, process and how everyone has an opportunity to have a chelek in every shidduch by financially supporting ShidduchVision.

Click below to watch:

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  1. I think this is great!

    I wish Shidduch Vision much success and I hope it helps bring boys and girls together quicker and easier.
    Abs s

  2. Fabulous concept! Wishing the organizers hatzlacha rabbah and may we all be zocher to hear besurot tovot from all the many singles around the world!
    Are they planning on setting up ShidduchVision in Europe? London, Manchester, Antwerp etc
    and also Eretz Yisrael? Please advise!

  3. its traif !!!!!! #1 there is a certan amount of sheebud in person #2 there r x amount of hishtadlus (we r not the brisker rov )#3 it wont take care of the crises #4 we need rav elyashiv 2 pasken such a chodush …….and the list goes on …… melamed shvucho shel aron shlo sheenu……

  4. i know a yingerman that got engaged to a girl in Australia many years ago by doing a “bashow” via satellite, he is now happily married with a few children.

  5. Why meet for real after? Where’s the bitachon? Make a video-vort and close the deal! That’s what it is anyway, right? Just another business deal.


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