Video: Stephen Harper – A Friend of Israel


stephen-harper[Video below.] Prime Minister of Canada Stephen Harper last month called NDP House leader Libby Davies an extremist and then compared her to Helen Thomas, the long-time White House correspondent who was forced to resign recently over controversial remarks about Israel. He didn’t stop there.

He demanded that her boss, NDP Leader Jack Layton, fire Ms. Davies, a Vancouver MP, who is also the party’s deputy leader, over remarks she made that questioned Israel’s right to exist.

“I am looking forward to seeing the Leader of the NDP get up and unequivocally distance himself from the comments of his House leader and his deputy leader that have called Israel’s existence an occupation,” said Mr. Harper. “This is a fundamental denial of Israel’s right to exist. It repeats the kinds of comments that were made by Helen Thomas on which she was forced to resign, and the member of the NDP who said that should be forced to resign as well.”

[Click here for a video of Davies’ disgraceful remarks.]

Kudos to Mr. Harper, a friend of Israel and Jews the world over.

Click below to watch his remarks:

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{Noam Israel}


  1. Im from Toronto and he is the BEST Prime Minister of Canada ever! We love you Stephen Harper! If only Obama would say that!

  2. Mr. Harper is not only a good friend to Israel but also to the Yidden in Canada. 3 years ago in the province of Ontario, during elections one of the parties the conservative party [run by Mr. Harper]said they would give full funding to all religous schools. That wouldve covered all tuition and help a lot of famalies in the cities. Unfortunatly they lost the elections but it shows what type of person he is a true friend of the jewish community.

  3. As a Canadian, I’m proud of our Prime Minister Stephen Harper. If only the Americans south of the border would also have such a friend of Israel. You got what you voted for!

  4. Look at the standing ovation he got!

    While it is true that ‘?s?w s?n? eth Ya‘?q?bh, it is still refreshing to see that there are still people that are willing to openly come out with the truth.

  5. Mr. Harper on many occasions has shown his support for Israel. yesher koach to him for standing up when others are silent.

  6. We are so fortunate to be led by one of the true chassidei umos haolam, who is a mentch and defender of Israel.

    His profound respect for the history and traditions of our people is an example for all.

    On top of that, he is an excellent Prime Minister with great values and stands head and shoulders above the President of the US in every regard.


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