(VIDEO) Swamp Watch: Health Care And Pharmaceuticals

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The real reason we’re in this mess on health care is because it costs too much.



  1. Wow. Matzav is finally coming around and seeing the other side of the coin. The corruption of “Big Pharma” and its unholy influence on Congress and the agencies that are supposed to regulate the industry. Too bad the video left out any information about the role of the vaccines in contributing to all the illnesses which big pharma makes money off of such as ADHD, Anxiety,Depression, Cancer and a whole host of other disease conditions. When a famous Gadol was quoted as stating that the Polio Vaccine was a hoax, he unfortunately understated the scope of the problem. It was not just the polio vaccine and it was not a harmless hoax. The entire vaccine industry is a hoax and has destroyed the lives of millions of people around the world killing and chronically sickening many more people than the the natural diseases ever did.Take a look now in Syria where there is a vaccine strain outbreak of paralytic polio directly resulting from World Health Organization vaccination program with Oral Polio Vaccine. Speaking of W.H.O. they are directly tied into the corruption of Big Pharma. Just remember the phony H1N1 pandemic from 2009, It was a W.H.O. board that declared that pandemic,triggering international treaty obligations requiring signatory countries to purchase 10s of billions of dollars in vaccines. the people sitting on the W.H.O. board were all associated with the pharmaceutical industry and stood to benefit from the decision.


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