Video: Ted Cruz’s Speech at the AIPAC Conference Today

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  1. Ted Cruz and Donald Trump are dangerous.

    A move of the American Embassy to Jerusalem will mess up the idea of better solemnity

    Jerusalem is the capitol of the jewish people. It is not the international relationship jews are after but an internal relationship with G-d that determines our dreams.

    Any jew to vote for these stooges jeopardizes possible atonement of Israel. To say we want Israel to be recognized only for Jerusalem is ignorant. The sanity can see Tel Aviv is a great place for commerce. Our relationship with America must be to strengthen the State of Israel and if the Embassy is next to commerce, our wings can elevate.

    However you look st it, hate and demonized christian faith efforts are not jewish inner feeling.

    It would seem Hillary is the best bet to keep Israel safe.

    Block this idea of moving the Embassy.

    • We Jews love Yerushalayim. It is the physical center of our world no matter what. We don’t need to umos haolam to recognize that. I am a Jew who loves Hashem. I don’t need validation from the US, the EU or the UN. To my friends in Eretz Yisrael, reclaim our true heritage – Hashem’s beautiful Torah!

  2. i personally think that cruz is the best candidate and by the way im pretty sure all republican candidates said they would move it from Tel Aviv to yerushalayim


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