Video: The Highest Sukkah in the World, Sukkos 5771

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highest-sukkah1[Video below.] Chabad of Colorado Springs, with the help of students from across the country, worked this Sukkos to set up the highest kosher sukkah in the world –  atop Pikes Peak summit. After the sukkah was set up, Jews of all stripes were invited in for cake and to shake the Daled Minim.

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  1. Did they traet theim to a shiur of Kvias Seuda?
    Dd they make an AL Hamichya?
    Otherwise waht is the Big Deal other than feeding a fellow Jew? Well maybe the Beracah of Mezonos is enough of a Zchus.

  2. Too number three, feeding a fellow Jew is no small matter.

    While I admire much that Chabad does in encouraging Jews to do mitzvos, men should be m’kareiv only men and women only women. We see this model from Avrohom Avinu and Sarah Imeinu.

    I’m not sure why bochurim of all people are put in a position to be m’kareiv women, like in this video of a bochur helping a young lady bench lulav


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