Video: This Tisha B’Av, Make a Difference


project-inspire[Video below.] This Tisha B’Av, make a difference. That was the message of last year’s Project Inspire film, “One Soul,” a riveting 50-minute film about reaching out. The video was watched over 15,000 times last Tisha B’Av here on, so we present it here once again.

Click below to watch this inspiring film. 

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  1. The point is very important. The mishna in Idiyos states that Eliyahu will come L’karev the Kosher Jews who were not known, Ulirachek, to seperate the Passule Yiden mamzeirim etc. rch”l who were thought to be kosher Jews.
    To make one sympathise with child labor is not the answer.Tisha Ba’av is a time not to be Masiach Da’as from the churban.

  2. #1, I am afraid you missed the point of the child labor segment. It was to drive home a point that anyone, no matter their lack of experience, age or education can succeed if they simply try. All we need to do is care enough, and be conscious of the many opportunities. It was an integral part of the presentation. I for one, am inspired by the video to try and do more.

  3. I forgot to mention with whom I agree. I agree with post #1

    You can make a million valid points, but that is not the point.


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