Video: Today’s Geulah Terrorist Crashes Into Bus Stop and Emerges with Ax

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krishevsky attack


{ Israel}


  1. These Palestinians murders and killings have nothing to do with israel.

    The Palestinians wars were not about Israel.

    The wars were not about borders, Jerusalem, land, settlements, ports, fishing, etc.,

    The continuing source of Hamas-Fatah intransigence despite losing was expressed by a Palestinian leader during the Lebanon war.

    George Habash, a Greek Orthodox Christian Palestinian, was known as “the godfather” of terrorism.

    Habash’s group, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), pioneered the hijacking of airplanes, boarding ships, killing Israeli Olympic athletes, etc.

    Habash said, “To kill a Jew away from the battlefield is better than killing a hundred Jews in battle.”

    When told that many of the Palestinians were disproportionately being killed in the Lebanon war, he responded that he didn’t care, because no matter how few, “We are killing Jews!”

    The Palestinian leadership—both Hamas and Fatah as well as its people—and ISIS and other Arabs are mesmerized by what Thomas Mann’s friend (who lived in Nazi Germany) called the “sorcery of violence.”

    Those in Nazi Germany lost their souls.

    It happened in Gaza and the West Bank.

    It is now happening with Israeli-Palestinian.

    Palestinians and Arabs have a Culture of Death.


    “To Life!”


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