Video: Tosher Rebbe Appears in Shul For First Time Since Leaving Hospital


tosher-rebbe[Video below.] Toshe Chassidim awaiting with excitement to greet the Tosher Rebbe, who appeared in the Tosher Bais Medrash yesterday for the first time since he left the hospital where he was in critical condition for a few weeks.

“Yidden all around the world were mispallel for this great tzadik, Hashem listend to them and Boruch Hashem its a miracle that the Rebbe is here,” one chossid remarked.

The Rebbe entered the bais medrash for the yartzeit of the previous Tosher Rebbe and in honor of the engagement of a grandchild.

The Rebbe entered the shul at 5:30 pm for Tehilim, and then for the yartzheit tish. The Rebbe appeared later for the celebration of the engagement his a grandchild at 7:30 pm.

Click below for a video:



  1. Rabboisai
    We have so few of the Sheiris Haplatoh left. Time is running out. Hug them kiss them have your kids talk to them just look @ the Tosher Rebbe. They don’t make them like him anymore


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