Video: Video of Rav Elbaum Visit to Har Habayis Creates Stir

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har-habayis[Video below.] A video of a Belzer chossid visiting the Har Habayis has caused somewhat of a tumult, but the chossid has said that he had no knowledge of the fact that his group was being filmed and he did not intend to make a stir.

Rav Yosef Elbaum is the head the Hatnuah L’Kinun HaMikdosh,” the Movement for Establishing the Bais Hamikdosh.” The video that was released shows Rav Elbaum giving a group a tour on the Har Habayis. Rav Elbaum, an expert on the Har Habayis and its environs, ¬†confirmed that he made the visit. “Yes, I went to the Har Habayis last week,” he said, “but I was not aware that it was filmed. There was no intention to provoke anyone or to be oiver on the words of the gedolei Yisroel.

Rav Elbaum explained that the members of his group undergo a long preparation process before going to the Har Habayis, including learning all the relevant halachos and immersing in a mikvah. “I clearly do not tell everyone to go on the Har Habayis. It’s a touchy subject. I have no intention of creating a chillul Hashem,” he said.

To watch the video, click below:

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  1. Doesn’t a line in “Hatikvah” says Lehyos Am Chofshi BeArtzenu? Oh I forgot they may have had to remove that line so in order not to offend our cousins.

  2. Here’s an honest person, knows full well that it is permissible to go up to Har Habayit but wants to do it without making a ruckus. He deserves a big yasher koach.

  3. Whether he intended to cause a controversy or not, from watching the video it is obvious he knew he was being filmed. And what does he mean he did not want to be oiver the words of the gedolim?? He walked over by mistake?! The gedolim have paskened that yidden should not go there at all bizman hazeh.

  4. I’m so confused. I thought your not allowed to go on Har Habayit, because we don’t know exactly where the kodosh kidoshim was located, plus everyone is in a state of tuma because there is no parah adoma. Can someone please explain.

  5. #4 is correct. We only criticize people of the other camp, but not our own. Those who spoke against rav Tendler should either ask for mechila or spew fire and brimstone on Rav Elbaum.

  6. whats the difference between this guy and rav tendler? why does this person get praise and rav tendler get criticism? its mind boggling howselectively judgemental people in our community can be for such superficial reasons

  7. Rabbi Elbaum is quoted as saying: “I was not aware that it was filmed.”

    With all due respects to the Rav, the cameraman was walking the entire distance with the group (clearly no more than a few feet away from the Rav) and had to often walk backwards in order to face the Rav who at times looks right into the camera. So I don’t understand Rabbi Elbaum’s disclaimer.

    Also, I must sadly agree that Rabbi Elbaum will not be excoriated the same way the Rabbi Tendler was.

  8. Today anybody carries a video cellphone, so anything can be recordrd & cause a Chilul Hashem, Chas ViShalom.
    Umitzapim Liyishu’ah

  9. To #8
    Don’t be confused, just educate yourself. We live in an era where things can be measured to the exact degree with computers and other technology. There are great people who have come to the conclusion, using technology and our Torah, about the perimeters and measurements and know exactly where one can go and where one can not. The people who go there learn the halachos and go to the mikveh prior. Not just anyone goes, unless they are not Torah observant and don’t know better. You can bet that this elite group has done what is required to do prior to ascending and taking this tour.
    If we Jews will not continue to have a presence on our holiest of holiest site (In case you didn’t know, the kosel is only the most outer wall surrounding Har Habayis)we will lose it to the arabs as the Israeli Govt. (not all MKs, but many including Netanyahu) would like. Did you know that if a Jew is caught murmuring while there, they will be arrested by the Isreali police? The law right now is that only Arabs may pray there, not Jews in case we G-d forbid offend the Arabs.
    You should watch this footage with awe as this may very well be the thing we look back at one day iy”h soon, and say “This was the beginning of what we were able to start recognizing as our final geulah”
    You may not agree with what they are doing, but Jews never agree on any one thing, ever. Machlokes in halacha and psak din always existed.
    We are living in an amazing era. Things, all over the world, are happening on a daily basis that are extraordinary. We should be paying attention and watching, and davening.
    May Hadadosh Baruch Hu see our desire to be home in Ir Hakodesh, and see these Holy Jews walking as close as possible to the makom hamikdosh, in their desire to be close to Him, and may He redeem us real soon, now.


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