Video: What Would You Do With a Million Dollars?

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oorahmilliondollars[Video below.] A new video just released by Oorah is a hilarious portrayal of what Jews around the world would do with a million dollars.  Click here to watch video.

“What would you do with a million dollars?” is the question prompting the responses, which are as diverse as the respondents themselves. The cross-section of people spontaneously stopped and interviewed includes Jewish celebrities like Lipa and Shloime Dachs plus a host of ordinary characters, from the Yerushalmi to the American backpacker.

The responses range from the practical (pay my tuition bills) to the ingenious (invest in a program that creates an algorithm to make shidduchim) to the altruistic (bring all the Jews together). Together, the composite makes for a couple of minutes of pure viewing pleasure.

With Oorah’s Million Dollar Raffle, the question is not just theoretical. All donors to the Oorah Auction are automatically entered into the Million Dollar Raffle to win 1,000 times their donation, up to $1,000,000. That’s the equivalent of four million gumballs, as one guy on the video is quick to point out.

So it’s a question worth pondering after all. What would you do with one million dollars? Watch the video now for some amusing ideas… you’ll be glad you did.

Oorah is a nationally-recognized outreach organization impacting thousands of Jewish families across North America and Israel. Oorah’s many successful programs include the TorahMates partnership learning program, TheZone summer camps, ChillZone weekly youth groups, school placement and tuition assistance.

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  1. Oorah has done it again! What an entertaining, well put-together video. I really enjoyed it! The million dollars look quite tempting, I’m just not sure I can afford the $1,000 for the raffle…..

  2. if i had a million dollars i would donate it to tzedaka. this way you get to take it with you to the next world.

    i.e. what is your money worth after a person is niftar? nodda, nothing not even counterfeit, only the money you give to tzedaka, you get to bring with you to olam haba & keep forever

    start investing in saving for eternity=tzedaka & don’t invest in wall street or obama


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