Video: What’s the Difference Between Olam Haba and Gan Eden?

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What’s the difference between the World to Come and Gan Eden?

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  1. This is interesting. I had always thought that Olam Habah was the denotation of any place in the world to come whether it was a lesser heaven or a greater place. I had always myself thought that Gan Eden was the ultimate reward for a life of mitzvahs and tzedakah by which the denotation was that the holy fate was in a holy place. Perhaps that is true or there are multiple conceptions of the rights and feelings about the World to come.

    Still, interesting and of course, no human living could know all of the world to come unless all of Torah is given in his life.

    Given no man has ever had enough Torah to learn everything about the spiritual universe which is infinite, only Hashem has the eager knowledge in its entirety about all matters of the eternal.

    Torah will always teach us what we should do and pace into our lives in this world so that we can hope for the best in Olam Habah. Repentance and Atonement are our primary goals.

    Baruch Hashem.

    G-d is blessed.

  2. See Sefer Hamaamorim Melukatim (Admo”r MiLubavitch Za”l) Dibbur Hamaschil “Kol yisroel yesh lohem chelek leolam haba” for an authoritative and thorough treatment of this subject – shitos harishonim (there is a major machlokes harishonim regarding the subject of olam habba) as well as a biur al pi pnimius hatorah.


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