Video: Wife of Today’s Stabbing Victim Describes Frightening Attack

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Shira Harel, the wife of Roi Harel, spoke to Arutz Sheva today about how her husband managed to save her and their five kids from two Arab terrorists who broke into their house early in the morning. The two terrorists, aged 17, had breached into their town of Eli in Samaria from the adjacent village of Karyut. They were armed with clubs and knives. They also had brought an improvised handgun but they dropped it while getting through the barbed wire security fence of the town.


{ Israel}


  1. I’m really surprised that a website like Matzav features a video of a woman. You don’t need to post this – just please remove the video – you surely don’t want to be machti’ei es harabbim.

    • Woman are not pariahs.If you have an issue watching a woman because you are that weak, please just dont watch.
      There are plenty people who dont get excited by the sight of a woman describing her personal story.
      Besides which, if you are so makped on this, I dont think you should be on the internet, period.
      Theres alot worse you have access to.

  2. If you don’t want to see “Nashim”, Shut down the computer. I assume you don’t drive, or go to the bank, grocery, Post Office etc. Because you might see a Woman. Please don’t confuse Shmiras Eineiyim with Tipshis Haaleiv.

  3. if you comply with “time to do teshuva” request to “remove the video”, we have to ask “mr teshuva” to remove his internet access so as to prevent him from being “machti’ei es hayochid”!

  4. How is Matzav machti es harabim? I am inspired by this woman’s courage. Why don’t you just learn from her and get your priorities straight!!

  5. I got chills watching Mrs. Harel speak and remembering what happened to the Fogel family, H”yd. May Roi have a refuah shelaima and b”H, b’chasdei H” he was able to fight off the terrorists and save his family.


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