Video: Yom Kippur 5777 in Yerushalayim – Some in Shul, Some On Bikes R”L

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  1. riding a bike on yom kippur should be the worst thing your photographer could. i’m not condoning riding a bike on yom kippur. i’m just saying that there are worse things that people can do.

    • I agree. In addition, there have been great leaps and bounds made on Yom Kippur in eretz yisroel. These are tinok shenishbi that made sure not to drive cars. For them riding a bike only is their way of doing something bigger for the day. Yes, on our level it’s inappropriate and incorrect. fine. But there was, especially this year a big awaking to yom kippur.

  2. Wow, mi keamcha Yisroel!

    Even people not in Shul, are using bicycles, not cars. Some Sefaradi poskim permit bicycles on Shabbos in an eruv enclosed area.

    The headline requires adjustment.

  3. 1. A bike could mean a bicycle or a motorcycle (and for one, I assumed the latter)
    2. if someone hypotetically rode a motorcycle on Yom Kippur, perhaps it’s a nonjew exactly like this photographer taking pictures (oh, the irony), or maybe it’s a MD running to a life threatening emergency. Did we know this person and did we ask questions? No? Exactly.

  4. From the content of the video it doesn’t look like yom kippur itself, maybe erev YK, the kosel area would’ve been jam packed.


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