Videos: Elderly Priest Beheaded In French Church In ISIS Inspired Attack

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Two hostage-takers armed with knives were killed in France early Tuesday after they captured several people during Mass in a church in the small town of Saint-Etienne-du-Rouvray in Normandy.

Police told Reuters that one civilian was killed—an 86-year-old priest who is reported to have had his throat slit. A second victim is said to be “fighting for life.” The hostages included two nuns, two worshippers, and a priest, according to reports. Police shot and killed both assailants. In a statement, the Vatican called the priest’s death a “barbarous killing.”

Interior Ministry spokesman Pierre-Henry Brandet said that anti-terrorism investigators were brought onto the case. Though the identities of the attackers and their motive were still unclear, French President François Hollande arrived at the scene in Normandy and told reporters, “We are faced with a group which has declared war.”

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  1. “In a statement, the Vatican called the priest’s death a barbarous killing.” Why don’t we continue the big lie and say that he was killed to atone for our sins???

  2. There was not one mention of ISIS by the Democrat convention last night. The Democrats are so stupid to believe the old war hero, John Kerry, that air conditioning is more dangerous than Islamic terrorism. The Democrats are so concerned about the “FEELINGS” of Muslims, that they decided to bury their heads in the sand and let innocent people be slaughtered like sheep. As long as Muslims aren’t offended. Very nice. A bunch of stupid idiot’s.


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